Best Free Mobile Dating Apps 2015 | Android & iOS

No doubt online dating has taken romance to a new level. Swingers and singles all around are looking out for faster and better means for seeing people on the fly. And the best means is through the smartphone and using the best free dating apps. The kind of popularity these top free dating apps have is remarkable and it is expected that such best mobile dating apps are bound to reach over one billion dollars this year, and this is somewhat expected to double the revenue in the coming five years.

Best Free Dating Apps 2015


The following are some of the dating apps free to use:
1. Lovoo Top Free Dating App 2015:


This application has got a Live Radar which shows the other Lovoo users who are there nearby and in what direction they are. You can select how far or close you want to search and you can get the graphical representation of the individuals who are looking for love just like you. Of course, you won’t have to share the location in case if you don’t prefer to. However, the Lovoo which is one of free online dating apps has a verification feature which tries to make this dating application quite safer.

2. Grindr Best Mobile Dating App 2015


Having about 1.1 million users who log on daily basis in this list of online dating apps, the Grindr application which is one of top free dating apps provides a lot of opportunity to meet the right kind of person in your area. If you are a free member in one of the popular dating apps and mobile dating apps, you can view about 100 profiles present in your area whereas the Grindr Xtra which is a premium paid version of dating apps free or one of the free online dating apps that has a push notification even though the application is closed. This best free dating apps and popular dating apps you to view who is online and lets you see about 300 profiles without any banner ads.

3. Badoo Popular Dating Apps:

Having a community of more than 150 million users all around the world, the Badoo is best free dating apps in terms of mobile dating. The navigation of one of this best mobile dating apps are easy and quite fast and this is a great option for chatting, dating, sharing interest, making friends, etc.

In this top free dating apps, if you are a free member of this dating apps free then you can contact about ten people in a day and premium members who pay about $2.99 use the ‘Superpower’ feature which includes the Spotlight that assist you in reaching to the top of the search list using one of the popular dating apps.

4. MeetMe Best Free Dating App 2015:

Having more than about 90 million users, this is one of the best free dating apps and online dating apps provides a great opportunity to meet new buddies, hang out with them and even with the existing friends and chat and even find a love connection in the given process.


Being one of the major location related app and the best free dating apps  or best mobile dating apps which is currently available online, the app has got various free features which allows you to view any potential individuals nearby and even chat with them immediately (for which you need to install the Kik app like most of the dating apps free) and get the potential mates. This is one of best mobile dating apps and popular dating apps which has got premium membership option and is one of the online dating apps which allows you to buy credits so that you can spotlight yourself to get more possibilities.

5. OkCupid Online Dating App 2015:

OkCupid is one of the most famous and best free dating apps. Currently this is one of the online dating apps available in mobile applications and this is one of best mobile dating apps that allows one to experience a go and meet situations present in areas and that too in a fun and full in depth manner.


Just like the normal dating and online chat sites and top free dating apps, here you can interact and chat with new individuals, rate the various profiles and even have the option to broadcast dating suggestions. This is one of the best free dating apps and dating apps free which is quite fast and easy to navigate. Plus it allows you to share information about yourself in order to get better matches. Frankly, this is one of the best mobile dating apps which is quite lighthearted and fun in using and you can never guess who you might find.

Enjoy and bookmark this page to get latest updates on best free dating apps 2015.


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